BRAVE 5-Day Challenge

Exploring Bravery | taught by Jennifer Lang

Course description

You are here because you are ready to be brave!

Thanks for joining us - it's going to be a fun 5 days! We explore a different theme each day that is integral to clear and beautiful communication bravery.

You will want to check in every day, watch the videos and do the exercise for the best benefit.

As with any building work like this, it's best to do a little each day, rather than all 5 in one day. You'll be overwhelmed and the material will not serve you.

Each tutorial has includes questions mean to stimulate your thoughts around brave actions. It is through these reflections we gain insight into our bravest selves.

You can join us in the BRAVE Facebook Group and share your results. I'm there nearly every day - so you can ask questions, check in with others, and hear about their brave actions.

So excited you're here! Welcome!

Jennifer Lang
Jennifer Lang
Voice & Communications coach

Welcome to Jen Lang - Inspired. Creative. Communication Knowledge Base on Thinkific!

I'm your fabulous hostess, Jennifer Lang, owner, and chief inspiration leader!

I've been studying, teaching, and coaching voices for over 15 years, and I've developed some special listening, healing, and leadership skills that are essential in today's communication world.

What makes my training unique is the variety of perspectives and experience I bring to you. Along with my work in communications in marketing, I have a Master's in Voice Performance from McGill University in Montreal, and I'm also a Reiki Master, Black belt in Karate, and have been studying yoga and movement arts for more than 17 years.

To get the best of your training here, check back regularly, watch videos and content more than once, and be prepared for some deep work as we go into voice, blocks, mindset, healing, and communication.

Above all, Have FUN!

Wishing you joy, happiness, and growth,


Jen Lang
Based in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Course Curriculum

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Day 1 - Battles
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Day 4 - Visualize
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